Hey there


I am Jennifer Stevens.

I am a Lifestyle and Branding Photographer for Entrepreneurs and Brands. I am passionate about finding different ways to show Entrepreneurs authenticity and voice through photography.

When I am not behind the camera, I am spending time with my family, hiking, playing, travelling and cooking. If i manage to escape by myself, I’m meditating & Manefesting on mountain tops or shopping and sneaking off to Starbucks for a coffee and a few peace free moments to read a book.


Flat-Lay & Stock 

Styled Flay Lay and Stock photography to incorporate your business, brand and style. These could include digital imagery on iPhones, iPads and laptops or lifestyle images entered around you and or your products.

All the finer details can all be discussed connecting either in person if you or local but its not needed it can be done via Skype These images can be a one off or as part of a monthly subscription service which will be coming soon where you will receive new and images for your brand monthly and if requested personalised and unique images to use on social media, blogs and websites.

Branding & Lifestyle

These are relaxed shoots to be used as part of or for your branding as an entrepreneur.

The vibe with these shoots are very chill they capture you at your most empowered, doing things you love and care about. They can can include beautiful portraits as well as your lifestyle. We can even showcase you working, I am able to capture those moments too.

Think less corporate and more high vibe. These images will be able to used across your website as well as social media and blogs alike.

Retreats & Events

Do you hold regular retreats / workshops for your clients within the UK or Abroad?

Workshops whether they’re 1hr, Half day or fun day ?

These shoots are great, almost like a fly on the wall shoot,  capturing all the moments you see, miss and much more.

They get to showcase you doing your thing without the pressure of a traditional photoshoot.

The Authors Package


Are you writing a book or already an Author?

Whether its a portrait for the front cover or your bio.

Promotional shoots, Book launch event or some styled flatlay this package has it all.

To find out which package suits you best please get in touch.